Online gambling is not explicit in the Canadian laws. Canada was traditionally an anti-gambling nation until the 1960s when the government conferred the provinces the right to choose whether to allow poker or gambling within their jurisdictions. Consequently some provinces began holding lotteries and casinos were ultimately constructed. It is unclear if that edict confers the rights for online casinos, online gambling or online poker. Nevertheless, Canadians have been enjoying online casinos and poker games without bother. The following are crucial facts regarding online gambling in Canada.


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The Criminal Code
The Canadian Criminal Code does not illegalize online gambling unless it falls under recognized jurisdictions of the code. The actual phrasing of the law is pretty complicated, but that acts as the principle premise on which online casinos legally thrive in Canada.
No Charges
No one has ever been prosecuted for gambling online in Canada. The closest scrape occurred only when the Attorney General termed servers hosting the online poker rooms and casinos specifically from India as illegal in Canada. However, no charges followed the declaration and the Indian servers continued to host various online casinos within Canada.
There are various online poker websites available in Canada. While none of them other than those hosted on Indian reserves operate from within Canada, no law prohibits Canadians from betting on such sites.
Canadian tax laws in relation to online wagering are similar to the Irish and the UK’s. The laws state that betting winnings are normally not taxed except when deemed to be earned through a business-oriented activity. Therefore, if you are a career poker player, taxes may apply, but for players just betting for fun, the winnings should be exempted from taxation.
Betting Regulators and Authorities in Canada
The reason for having a regulatory organization is to ensure that the casinos operate in a fair and honest manner. The regulatory bodies become the governors of the casino websites and handle any issues that may arise. Should an online casino grossly break one of the laid down rules, its license can be withdrawn and henceforth, it can no longer offer its services. Currently, every province in Canada controls its own online gambling websites. There is also the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, which works within Canada, but is officially an independent governing body. This body not only hosts servers and regulates online casinos in Canada, but is also among the most popular regulators for gambling sites around the globe.