There are many good options for those who want to gamble in Canada, but these people must be careful. Online casinos offer the opportunity to make money, and they offer certain entertainment. Unfortunately they also offer temptation, and for people who might be described as “problem gamblers,” they offer a veritable trap that could be problematic over the long run. It is critical to know and understand the signs of problem gambling in order to combat those challenges. While roughly 70-percent of Canadians participate in some form of gambling, and most of those individuals are not problem gamblers, estimates suggest that as many as 500,000 people are problem gamblers or are at risk for becoming problem gamblers. This creates urgency to figure out how to identify and stop these issues before they persist.


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How to spot a problem gambler
One of the biggest questions is to how distinguish between a standard gambler and a problem gambler. Many people can put money into poker machines or bet on the races without feeling any ill effects. For them, it is a form of entertainment that also comes with an opportunity to win money if they happen to hit it big on the right day. Problem gamblers are typically people for whom it is difficult to stop gambling. They will chase their losses in order to try and get their money back.

One of the signs of problem gambling is that a person’s social or personal life is impacted by gambling. For instance, a person may decide to skip family or personal functions in order to gamble. That person might also borrow money from family or friends in order to maintain a gambling habit. When the gambling starts to disrupt a person’s life, it is a sign that the person may be a problem gambler. Not all problem gamblers look the same, of course. For some people, problem gambling might mean that the person must put every paycheck into a slots machine. For other people, problem gambling happens when they don’t know how to stop once they have started putting money into these machines.

Many experts agree that when a person has a severe gambling problem, they should not engage in any form of gambling, and should do everything in their power to stay away from places where people gamble. It is critical that controls be placed on people who have a gambling problem. They should be monitored by family and friends if they start to gamble, and they must set strict limits for themselves so that they can walk away. These limits may not be enough for some Canadians, who will need to stop gambling altogether.